My crazy beautiful life.

Mary Kathryn, Mary Kate, Mary, or MK. Home sweet home is Greenville, South Carolina. In love with a South African. Wedding planner. GKODB.


I just want someone to speak to me in Afrikaans and help me learn it so I can impress my boyfriend’s family in January…..but of course, there are no South African’s in South Carolina. And I’m pretty sure my pronunciation is terrible haha meh.

My 2 Cents on Hobby Lobby


If you have wifi and a pulse you know that the Supreme Court ruled in the case of Burwell v Hobby Lobby that businesses have a right not to cover things that conflict with their religious beliefs. I’ve generally tried to avoid talking politics on my blog, but I’d be remiss in my duties as a red…

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While watching Olympic figure skating

  • Me: Woah, that was AMAZING!
  • Commentators: Very sloppy, that could ruin their medal chances.

Part of me wants to be this crazy super fit girl who gets up really early and runs marathons and goes hiking and does yoga and kickboxing but then the other part of me is like NOPE and I go back to blogging until 6 am and eating bananas 

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