My crazy beautiful life.

You can call me whatever version of my name you want...Mary Kathryn, Mary Kate, Mary, Mk. Home sweet home is Greenville, South Carolina. Senior at University of South Carolina. Kappa till I die. GKODB.

While watching Olympic figure skating

  • Me: Woah, that was AMAZING!
  • Commentators: Very sloppy, that could ruin their medal chances.

Part of me wants to be this crazy super fit girl who gets up really early and runs marathons and goes hiking and does yoga and kickboxing but then the other part of me is like NOPE and I go back to blogging until 6 am and eating bananas 

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"I just want the same things in life that you want…and that is to be happy. It is just so weird because everyone has their own perception of me and how they think I really am. It is so weird how stories are told. There is your side, my side, and the truth. Somebody has to figure it out. I guess we will never really understand or figure out life completely. That’s God’s job. I can’t wait to meet him…or her." - Britney Spears

the other day my students asked me who my idol is. I said, “Probably my mom or dad.” They responded with, “Okay, well what if you had to pick a famous person?” I wasn’t sure what to say. I went through all these people in my head… politicians, comedians, actresses, you name it. After about 3 minutes of them patiently staring at me in silence I said, “This may sound ridiculous but… Britney Spears.” Think what you will, but I love her. To be able to have a viewpoint like this, and not be afraid to say it. One may refute by saying that she doesn’t actually think that and someone told her to say that, but then I’d say, “so what.” :) 

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When I hear the screams of the crowd, I think it’s because I must look stunning. Then I notice something is rising up around me. Smoke. From fire. Not the flickery stuff I wore last year in the chariot, but something much more real that devours my dress. I begin to panic as the smoke thickens. Charred bits of black silk swirl in the air, and pearls clatter to the stage. Somehow I’m not afraid to stop because my flesh doesn’t seem to be burning and I know Cinna must be behind whatever is happening. So I keep spinning and spinning. For a split second I’m gasping, completely engulfed in the strange flames. Then all at once, the fire is gone. I slowly come to a stop, wondering if I’m naked and why Cinna has arranged to burn away my wedding dress. But I’m not naked. I’m in a dress of the exact same design of my wedding dress, only it’s the color of coal and made of tiny feathers. Wonderingly, I lift my long, flowing sleeves into the air, and that’s when I see myself on the television screen. Clothed in black except for the white patches on my sleeves. Or should I say my wings. Because Cinna has turned me into a mockingjay.

cinna is the best part of this series

I believe Cinna knew this was his final act, because he couldn’t have believed that this would go unnoticed. And once Katniss was more finally made aware of the rebellion and where she stood as a part of it that Cinna’s sacrifice was what drove her on. He was the only ‘real’ person among all the capitol zombies and the only one who really saw Katniss for who she was and who he believed she could be. Cinna is, was, and will always be my favorite character. 

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